Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Breakfast in bed?" Yes, please!"

Yesterday our tiny kitchen was full of men - 14 Estonian guys learned how to make breakfast to their wives. 
What's so special about that you ask?  Why would someone need a course like this? We all know how to fry eggs and make sandwiches. Well, take a look at the photos and you see what they learned:)

I don't even remember how I found Tine's blog, but probably I was just trying to find some Norwegian blogs to follow.  I love Norway, part of me feels that I am a bit Norwegian (after living there for some years), so I try to not forget my Norwegian skills. For a while I was following the so called "pink bloggers" but pretty soon I got tired of too much silicon in their blogs, I searched for something new, something interesting and classy. Thank God for Instagram, that's probably how I found Tine's profile and link to her blog. One of the most popular blogs in Norway, which for a long time now is my favourite spare time reading.

The photos she posted about daily breakfasts her husband makes (#todaysbreakfastinbed) were so amazing that soon the women in Norway asked for a course for their men. It was a success. And then it hit me. Why not invite thme to Estonia to have the same course her. Me and my sister met Tine and Thorleif in Norway this summer and we agreed that the course will take place in our kitchen in autumn.

So yesterday was the day. It was so much fun! For a second I was worried that we have not all the necessary appliances and the kitchen is too small and I thought perhaps it would have been a better idea to have the course in our restaurant kitchen, but it really turned out so well. The men were shy at the beginning and didn't  understand exactly where their wives and girlfriends had send them, but after a while they were having so much fun in the kitchen. I was happy that we had this course, and choose our home instead of Diip. It was cozy. Did I mention fun;)

 And guess how many wives had poached eggs and apple swans for breakfast this morning in Estonia? At least 14. I know I have seen the photos. I will post them to my blog later today/tomorrow with instructions how to make the swan out of an apple. 

Special thank to our partners: 

And Froufrou for the most amazing skirts. 

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